Combined Garmin Compatible Map

Combined Garmin Compatible Map

This extends to an area covering most of Great Britain, and within that area shows the routes of;

  • The Avenue Verte within GB,
  • The North Downs Way walking route,
  • The North Sea Cycle route within GB, and
  • Many canal features, such as locks, bridge numbers & names, winding holes, and water points.

Combined Canal, North Sea Cycle, AVenue Verte, North Downs Way

All mapping data is derived from OpenStreetMap, including the downloadable maps. Many thanks to OpenStreetMap contributors for their skill & dedication.

Combined Canal displayed on Garmin Edge 605

Photo of the screen on a Garmin Edge 605 showing locks and some other canal features Canal Locks are displayed with their lock number on a blue and red shield. Depending on the Garmin model, canal bridge references will be displayed as text, or as text in an oval icon.

All maps are available from

either as a direct download if the file is less than 500mb in size, or as a torrent link (it’s saved as a .7z because my nextcloud server will only handle it if it is zipped - extract it and then open with your torrent programme).

All dates {DATE} are in the format YYYYMMDD.

All maps also show the start position for Parkruns (where available).

Tested on:

  • Garmin Edge 530 (no microSD card slot. The small file was copied to the internal memory - search on internet for ‘how’- at your own risk).
  • Garmin Edge 810
  • Garmin Edge Touring
  • Garmin Edge 605 & 705
  • Garmin Etrex 30
  • Garmin Basecamp
  • QMapShack

The maps are updated every month, depending on my availability.

You will need a torrent sharing programme on your computer, such as Transmission or Deluge (there are many, just search on the internet if you haven’t come across them before). There is a guide to installing maps onto your Garmin device here. If all of this sounds very complicated to you, and you just want to buy one of these maps already installed onto a microSD card, I do offer them for sale on ebay - listing links are with the map details below.

Combined GB map showing some Canal details, North Downs Way, North Sea Cycle Route

File name = can_av_ndw_nsc_{DATE}.7z.torrent.7z (These files are about 600MB in size and are available as a torrent from my nextcloud server).

This map is my ‘experimentation map’ - routing is for a cycle, so although it will show you bridge numbers, names, and locks, it will not route along the canal. It’s a ‘bit of fun’ that I find usefull for everyday usage.

Contact me

If you wish to contact me - feedback about any of these maps is always welcome, please do so through: