Cycle Map of GB

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All mapping data is derived from OpenStreetMap, including the downloadable maps. Many thanks to OpenStreetMap contributors for their skill & dedication.

New - Cycle Map of GB

cycle-map Dartford area

I’ve just finished creating and testing this new map with the following features:

  • National cycle routes are shown in bold red,
  • Regional cycle routes are bold pink,
  • Local cycle routes are blue,
  • References for the cycle routes are displayed, often in a ‘shield’,
  • This is a lightweight style, aimed at use on a cycle computer, and a number of changes have been made to ensure it responds quickly on a cycle computer, and that information important to a cyclist is displayed,
    • Buildings are not shown,
    • Gardens are not shown,
    • Icons for many features not needing to be seen by a cyclist are not shown, for instance an icon for a carpet shop,
    • Motorways, and other main roads that cyclists usually avoid are shown in grey,
    • As cycle parking places are now so frequent, I have not shown them as in dense areas they can clutter the map so much it becomes confusing,
  • Cycle shops, and those shops which sell cycle items used by cyclists, are shown,
  • Parkrun starting points are shown, where they have been added to OpenStreetMap,
  • Postboxes are shown, with their collection time, if available,
  • The map is both routable, and searchable,
  • Available as:
    • for windows users cycle-winexe-2023-12-12.7z.torrent,
    • for apple and windows users cycle-gmapi-2023-12-12.7z.torrent,
    • for those using QMapShack, or who only wish to install the map on their Garmin device, cycle-2023-12-12.7z.torrent.

Available from

Each of the different variety (exe, gmapi, or gmapsupp & tdb) are compressed with 7-zip, but are still approaching 600mb in size, and are supplied as a torrent file, which will allow you to download the complete file.

See for instructions on using the files.

This map will be updated on a monthly basis whenever possible, with a new version created on the first Tuesday of the month, and posted on my site for download as soon as I have tested it, often the same day.

Screenshots - Garmin Edge 810

cycle-map Dartford area cycle-map Erith area

cycle-map cycle shops cycle-map Parkrun list

cycle-map Parkrun icon cycle-map shopping centre

Screenshots - Garmin Basecamp

cycle-map Ashford area

cycle-map Maidstone area

Screenshots - QMapShack

cycle-map Central London

cycle-map Chelmsford