Avenue Verte - Garmin Compatible Map

All mapping data is derived from OpenStreetMap. Many thanks to OpenStreetMap contributors for their skill & dedication.


There are two options available to you - the ‘small map’ which covers just the areas needed to complete the Avenue Verte cycle ride in France & GB, or the ‘large map’ which covers a much larger area of France & England.

All of the smaller files (.img, .exe, and .gmapi) are available from https://daphne-nick.uk/nextcloud/index.php/s/dQF4RD3eaA9fKCq

Only the larger .img file is available as a direct download, from https://daphne-nick.uk/nextcloud/index.php/s/EgsWzi2qoNYb2Q4 ,

with the remaining (.exe and .gmapi) files being available via torrent download, with the torrent files at https://daphne-nick.uk/nextcloud/index.php/s/6cQesAz38DWRWBo

All dates {DATE} are in the format YYYYMMDD.

All maps also show the start position for Parkruns (where available).

Garmin Compatible Avenue Verte Map

Navigation can get very complicated, and the Avenue Verte can be challenging to follow. These maps are intended to make your journey along this wonderful route much easier. This is a searchable and routable cycle / walking map with the following features;

  • Broad Green Line visible on the map following the route of the Avenue Verte,
  • On most devices, if you are on the Avenue Verte, the device will read “Riding on Ave Verte” (Garmin Edge 530 displays the name of the next road ahead).
  • When you investigate the pretty village just off the route, it’s easy to see where the route is and navigate back to it,
  • If you decide to load a gps track and follow that, the device will want to navigate you to the start of the track, even it that means going the ‘wrong-way’ - you don’t suffer from this problem,
  • Other cycle routes are also shown, making it easier to follow alternative routes should you wish,
  • When you are diverted off of the route (there are always diversions!), it is easier to choose where & how to rejoin the route,
  • Icons show where to find toilets, drinking water, cycle shops, shops with cycle departments, cafe’s, restaurants, accomodation, supermarkets, convenience stores, food stores, pharmacies & hospitals.
  • Start points of Parkruns are visible,
  • Addresses are searchable
  • As the device is not constantly recalculating your navigation, and using the backlight, your battery will last much longer (especially important on older devices where the battery is not as good as it once was).


Tested on:

  • Garmin Edge 530 (no microSD card slot. The small file was copied to the internal memory - search on internet for ‘how’- at your own risk).
  • Garmin Edge 810
  • Garmin Edge Touring
  • Garmin Edge 605 & 705
  • Garmin Etrex 30
  • Garmin Basecamp
  • QMapShack

The maps are updated every month, often more often, depending on my availability.


You will need a torrent sharing programme on your computer, such as Transmission or Deluge (there are many, just search on the internet if you haven’t come across them before). There is a guide to installing maps onto your Garmin device here. If all of this sounds very complicated to you, and you just want to buy one of these maps already installed onto a microSD card, I do offer them for sale on ebay - listing links are with the map details below.

Small Map of the Avenue Verte (ave_verte_{date}.7z)

This map covers a slightly larger area than the Avenue Verte itself, and the file size is quite small - ideal for copying to the maps folder on one of the Garmin Edge devices that do not use a microSD card. The download is about 240mb, and when uncompressed you will have an ‘.img’ file, and a ‘.tdb’ file, so you can view the file using Garmin’s basecamp software.


Link to the Small_Ave_Verte on eBay.

Large Map of the Avenue Verte (ave_verte_w_europe_{date}.7z.torrent.7z)

File name = ave_verte_w_europe_{DATE}.7z.torrent.7z (These files are about 1.5GB in size and are available as a torrent from my nextcloud server).

Much larger area and file size - close to the maximum that can be used on a microSD card. Garmin devices require the microSD card is formatted as FAT16 or FAT32, and the largest file size they can deal with is 4GB. All of the same features that the small map has, but covers a much larger area.


Link to the Large Ave_Verte on eBay

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If you wish to contact me - feedback about any of these maps is always welcome, please do so through: